Character Overview

All characters and updates should be reviewed before game play each session. Each character will have the ISWAT Operative template, which will not count against your starting point value. The ISWAT Operative template “overlaps” with other templates rather than “stacking” with them. Your starting point value should be spent on a character theme of some kind, by choosing a collection of advantages or skills, magic, psionics, templates, ect.

ISWAT Operative (350 points)
Attributes: ST 11 [10]; DX 13 [60]; IQ 14 [80]; HT 13 [30].
Secondary Characteristics: HP 16 [10]; Will 16 [10]; FP 16 [9]; Basic Speed 7 [10]; Basic Move 7 [0].
Advantages: Combat Reflexes [15]; Danger Sense [15]; Hard to Kill 2 [4]; High Pain Threshold [10]; Language (English; Native) [6]; Language (German; Native) [6]; Language Talent [10]; Legal Enforcement Powers [15]; Patrol Rank 1 [5]; Patron (Patrol, 9 or less) [25]; Reputation +4/-4 (Implacable agent of Homeline) [0]; Unfazeable [15]; Very Fit [15].
Disadvantages: Duty (Patrol; 15 or less; Extremely Hazardous) [-20]; Secret (ISWAT; 6 or less; Imprisonment or Exile) [-20].
Skills: Computer Operation/TL8 (IQ) [1]; Electronics Operation/TL8 (Parachronic) (IQ+1) [4]; Electronics Repair/TL8^ (Parachronic) (IQ) [2]; Expert Skill (Cliodynamics) (IQ) [4]; First Aid/TL9 (IQ+2) [4]; Guns/TL8 (Rifle) (DX+2) [4]; Guns/TL8 (Pistol) (DX+1) [2]; History (choose specialty) (IQ+1) [8]; Karate (DX) [4]; Leadership (IQ+1) [4], Mathematics/ TL8 (Applied) (IQ) [1]; Melee Weapon (Shortsword) (DX) [4]; Physics/TL9^ (Parachronic) (IQ) [4]; Research/TL8 (IQ+1) [4]; Running (HT+3) [8]; Savoir-Faire (Homeline) (IQ) [1]; Soldier (IQ+1) [4]; Stealth (DX) [2]; Survival (Earth-like; Desert) (Per+1) [4]; Swimming (HT+3) [12]; Tactics (IQ) [4].

Starting point value allowed for PCs 500
Attributes Attributes greater than 15 or lower than 6 require GM approval
Characteristics Characteristics greater or lesser than ±30% of related attribute requires GM approval
Transcendent Appearance Requires GM approval
Starting TL TL8
TL12 TL12 requires GM approval
Starting Wealth Average Wealth
Multimillionaire Wealth Requires GM approval
Starting Status 0
Status Levels Status 7-8 require GM approval
Rank Requires GM approval
Exotic/Supernatural Advantages Requires GM approval
Absolute Timing Requires GM approval
Allies Requires GM approval
Cultural Adaptability Requires GM approval
Enhanced Defenses Requires GM approval
Gadgeteer Requires GM approval
Gizmos Requires GM approval
Gunslinger Requires GM approval
Hard to Kill Requires GM approval
Hard to Subdue Requires GM approval
Luck Requires GM approval
Patrons Requires GM approval
Reduced Consumption Requires GM approval
Security Clearance Requires GM approval
Social Chameleon Requires GM approval
Temperature Tolerance Requires GM approval
Trained By A Master Requires GM approval
Weapon Master Requires GM approval
Unusual Background Any character with an Exotic/supernatural Advantage/Disadvantage, Cinematic Skill or TL9+ requires an Unusual Background; Unusual Backgrounds require GM approval
Wild Talent Requires GM approval
Disadvantages Requires GM approval
Skills Skills greater or lesser than ±30% of related attribute or characteristic require GM approval
Cinematic Skills Requires GM approval
Does magic exist? Yes
Are any of the spells off limits? No, though some Require GM approval
Do psionics exist? Yes

Every player will receive extra points for a comprehensive character biography. The bio is based on two things: story & length. Every 100 words is worth 1 point to a maximin of 50 points; and every key sentence; that is funny, inspiring, or interesting, is worth 1 point to a maximin of 50 points. All biographies must be posted here online to receive points.

Every player will receive extra points for maintaining a comprehensive character adventure log after each session. Each adventure log should be a first person account of the game last game session. Maintaining an adventure log will reward the player with x1.5 extra points each session. All adventure logs must be posted here online to receive points.

Finally, you might find it helpful to answer some basic questions about your character, using the answers to develop a biography before you spend any points.

• Where was he or she born and where did he grow up? Where does he or she live now?
• Who were his or her parents? (Does he or she know?) Are they still alive? If not, what became of them? If so, does he or she get along with them?
• What training does he or she have? Was he or she an apprentice? A student? Or is he or she self-taught?
• What is his or her current occupation? What other jobs has he or she held?
• What social class does he or she belong to? How wealthy is he or she?
• Who are his or her friends? His or her enemies? His or her closest professional associates?
• What were the most important moments of his or her life?
• What are his or her likes and dislikes? Hobbies and interests? Morals and beliefs?
• What are his or her motivations? Plans for the future?

Character Overview

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