Derek Christian Dunn

Light Skinned, Brown Haired, Blue Eyed ISWAT Weapon Specialist


Derek Dunn (822 points)

Age 36 Human 5’11" 175 lbs
ST 13 30 DX 16 120 IQ 13 60 HT 13 30
Damage 1d/2d-1 BL 34 lbs.
HP 17 8 Will 16 15 Per 14 5; FP 16 9
Basic Speed 7.25 0 Basic Move 7 0
Block 10 (DX) Dodge 11 Parry 12 (DX)

Social Background
TL:8 0

Homeline 1 Western 2026 Fascist America (Native) 0


2026 Fascist American English (Native) 0 Cantonese (Native) 4 German (Native) 4
Homeline English (Native) 4 Latin (Native) 4


Ally (Christina Dunn) (50% of starting points) (15 or less) 6 Ally (Christopher Dunn) (25% of starting points) (Accessibility (2026 Fascist America) (+8); 9 or less) 1
Ally (Devon Smith) (25% of starting points) (Accessibility (2026 Fascist America) (8); 9 or less) 1 Ally (Militia Unit) (25% of starting points) (Accessibility (2026 Fascist America) (8); 9 or less; Group Size (21-50)) 2
Alternate Identity (John Johnson) (Illegal) (Accessibility (2026 Fascist America) (8)) 3 Ambidexterity 5
Claim to Hospitality (Trumbull County Patriot Resistance Movement) 3 (Accessibility (2026 Fascist America) (8)) 1 Combat Reflexes 15
Contact (Edward Stevens (Intelligence Analysis)) (Effective Skill 12) (Accessibility (2026 Fascist America) (8); 9 or less; Completely Reliable) 1 Courtesy Rank (Military (Sergeant)) 2 2
Courtesy Rank (Police (SWAT Officer)) 2 2 Danger Sense 15
Destiny (Great) 15 Extra Attack 1 25
Fearlessness 7 14 Hard to Kill 2 4
Hard to Subdue 2 4 High Pain Threshold 10
Intuition 15 Language Talent 10
Legal Enforcement Powers (ISWAT) 3 15 Luck (Ridiculous) 60
Patrol Rank 1 5 Patrons (Patrol) (9 or less) 25
Reputation (Implacable agent of Homeline) 4 (All the time; Almost everyone) 20 Resistant (Disease) (Occasional) (8) 5
Signature Gear (Armor Costume) 1 1 Very Fit 15
Very Rapid Healing 15

Perks: Deep Sleeper 1.


Bad Sight (Nearsighted) (Glasses) [-10] Code of Honor (Infinity Patrol) [-5]
Code of Honor (Soldier’s) [-10] Dependent (Mother; Wife; Children; Militia Unit) (No more than 25%) (9 or less; Group of Dependents; Friend) [-20]
Duty (ISWAT) (15 or less (almost always)) (Extremely Hazardous) [-20] Enemy (SS of Reich-5) (medium-sized group, some formidable or super-human) (9 or less) [-30]
Fanaticism (2nd American Revolution Patriot Resistance) (Extreme) [-15] Mundane Background [-10]
Reputation (Implacable agent of Homeline) -4 (All the time; Almost everyone) [-20] Secret (ISWAT) (Imprisonment or Exile) [-20]
Social Stigma (Second-Class Citizen (Homeline; Outtimer)) [-5] Stuttering [-10]

Quirks: Humble; Minor Handicap (Tight Knee from ACL Surgery); Responsive; Vow (No Drugs or Alcohol); Vow (Tithe) [-5].


Acrobatics-16 (DX+0) 4 Administration-14 (IQ+1) 4
Area Knowledge (County (2026 Fascist America Trumbull County, Ohio))-14 (IQ+1) 2 Armoury/TL8 (Heavy Weapons)-12 (IQ-1) 1
Armoury/TL8 (Small Arms)-12 (IQ-1) 1 Artillery/TL8 (Cannon)-13 (IQ+0) 2
Artillery/TL8 (Guided Missile)-18 (IQ+5) 20 Axe/Mace-16 (DX+0) 2
Bicycling-16 (DX+0) 1 Body Language (Human)-13 (Per-1) 1
Boxing16 (DX+0) 2; Brawling-17 (DX+1) 2 Breath Control-11 (HT-2) 1
Broadsword-16 (DX+0) 2 Camouflage-13 (IQ+0) 1
Cartography/TL812 (IQ-1) 1 Climbing-16 (DX+0) 2
Computer Operation/TL8-14 (IQ+1) 2 Criminology/TL8-12 (IQ-1) 1
Crossbow-16 (DX+0) 1 Current Affairs/TL8 (Trumbull County, Ohio 2026 Fascist America)-13 (IQ+0) 1
Detect Lies-12 (Per-2) 1 Diagnosis/TL8 (Human)-11 (IQ-2) 1
Driving/TL8 (Automobile)-15 (DX-1) 1 Driving/TL8 (Construction Equipment)-15 (DX-1) 1
Driving/TL8 (Heavy Wheeled)-15 (DX-1) 1 Driving/TL8 (Motorcycle)-15 (DX-1) 1
Electrician/TL8-13 (IQ+0) 2 Electronics Operation/TL8 (Communications)-13 (IQ+0) 1
Electronics Operation/TL8 (Media)-13 (IQ+0) 1 Electronics Operation/TL8 (Parachronic)-16 (IQ+3) 12
Electronics Operation/TL8 (Security)-13 (IQ+0) 1 Electronics Operation/TL8 (Sensors)-13 (IQ+0) 1
Electronics Operation/TL8 (Surveillance)-14 (IQ+1) 3 Electronics Repair/TL8 (Communications)-13 (IQ+0) 2
Electronics Repair/TL8 (Parachronic)-14 (IQ+1) 2 Electronics Repair/TL8 (Sensors)-13 (IQ+0) 2
Engineer/TL8 (Combat)-11 (IQ-2) 1 Expert Skill (Cliodynamics)-17 (IQ+4) 20
Expert Skill (Military Science)-11 (IQ-2) 1 Explosives/TL8 (Demolition)-12 (IQ1) 1
Fast-Draw/TL8 (Ammo)-17 (DX+1) 1 Fast-Draw (Knife)-17 (DX+1) 1
Fast-Draw (Long Arm)-17 (DX+1) 1 Fast-Draw (Pistol)-17 (DX+1) 1
Fast-Draw (Sword)-17 (DX+1) 1 First Aid/TL9 (Human)-16 (IQ+3) 8
Forced Entry-16 (DX+0) 1 Forensics/TL8-11 (IQ-2) 1
Forward Observer/TL8-13 (IQ+0) 1 Garrote-16 (DX+0) 1
Gesture-13 (IQ+0) 1 Gunner/TL8 (Cannon)-16 (DX+0) 1
Gunner/TL8 (Machine Gun)-16 (DX+0) 1 Guns/TL8 (Grenade Launcher)-16 (DX+0) 1
Guns/TL8 (Light Anti-Armor Weapon)-16 (DX+0) 1 Guns/TL8 (Light Machine Gun)-17 (DX+1) 1
Guns/TL8 (Musket)-17 (DX+1) 1 Guns/TL8 (Pistol)-18 (DX+2) 3
Guns/TL8 (Rifle)-18 (DX+2) 4 Guns/TL8 (Shotgun)-17 (DX+1) 1
Guns/TL8 (Submachine Gun)-17 (DX+1) 1 Hiking-13 (HT+0) 2
History (American Military History)-15 (IQ+2) 12 Holdout-14 (IQ+1) 4
Intelligence Analysis/TL8-11 (IQ-2) 1 Interrogation-13 (IQ+0) 2
Intimidation-15 (Will-1) 1 Judo-15 (DX-1) 2
Jumping-16 (DX+0) 1 Karate-15 (DX-1) 2
Knife-17 (DX+1) 2 KnotTying-16 (DX+0) 1
Law (Police)-11 (IQ-2) 1 Leadership-15 (IQ+2) 8
Lifting-12 (HT-1) 1 Liquid Projector/TL8 (Flamethrower)-16 (DX+0) 1
Liquid Projector/TL8 (Sprayer)-16 (DX+0) 1 Mathematics/TL8 (Applied)14 (IQ+1) 8
Mechanic/TL8 (Construction Equipment)-13 (IQ+0) 2 Mechanic/TL8 (Diesel Engine)-13 (IQ+0) 2
Mechanic/TL8 (Robotics)-13 (IQ+0) 2 Mechanic/TL8 (Vehicle (Heavy Wheeled))-13 (IQ+0) 2
Musical Instrument (Trumpet)-11 (IQ-2) 1 Naturalist (Earth)-11 (IQ-2) 1
Navigation/TL8 (Land)-13 (IQ+0) 2 NBC Suit/TL8-15 (DX-1) 1
Observation-14 (Per+0) 2 Physics/TL9 (Parachronic)-14 (IQ+1) 12
Research/TL8-15 (IQ+2) 8 Riding (Equines)-15 (DX-1) 1
Running-16 (HT+3) 12 Saber-16 (DX+0) 2
Savoir-Faire (Homeline)-14 (IQ+1) 2 Savoir-Faire (Military)-14 (IQ+1) 2
Savoir-Faire (Police)-14 (IQ+1) 2 Scrounging-14 (Per+0) 1
Search-13 (Per-1) 1 Shield (Shield)-16 (DX+0) 1
Shortsword-16 (DX+0) 2 Smallsword-16 (DX+0) 2
Soldier/TL8-15 (IQ+2) 8 Spear-16 (DX+0) 2
Staff-16 (DX+0) 2 Stealth-16 (DX+0) 2
Strategy (Land)-11 (IQ-2) 1 Streetwise-13 (IQ+0) 2
Sumo Wrestling-15 (DX-1) 1 Survival (Desert)-14 (Per+0) 2
Survival (Mountain)-14 (Per+0) 2 Survival (Plains)-14 (Per+0) 2
Survival (Woodlands)-14 (Per+0) 2 Swimming-16 (HT+3) 8
Tactics-14 (IQ+1) 8 Throwing-16 (DX+0) 2
Thrown Weapon (Axe/Mace)-17 (DX+1) 2 Thrown Weapon (Knife)-17 (DX+1) 2
Tonfa-16 (DX+0) 2 Traps/TL8-13 (IQ+0) 2
Urban Survival-14 (Per+0) 2 Vacc Suit/TL8-15 (DX-1) 1
Wrestling-16 (DX+0) 2 Writing-12 (IQ-1) 1


Arm Lock (Judo)-16 1 Arm Lock (Wrestling)-17 1
Choke Hold (Judo)-14 2 Choke Hold (Wrestling)-14 2
Disarming (Boxing)-17 2 Disarming (Brawling)-18 2
Disarming (Judo)-16 2 Disarming (Karate)-16 2
Disarming (Wrestling)-17 2 Elbow Strike (Brawling)-16 1
Elbow Strike (Karate)-14 1 Feint (Spear)-17 2
Finger Lock (Judo)-14 2 Finger Lock (Wrestling)-15 2
Ground Fighting (Wrestling)-13 2 Kicking (Brawling)-16 2
Kicking (Karate)-14 2 Knee Strike (Brawling)-17 1
Knee Strike (Karate)-15 1 Neck Snap (ST)-10 2
Retain Weapon (Axe/Mace)-17 2 Retain Weapon (Broadsword)-17 2
Retain Weapon (Gunner (Machine Gun))-17 2 Retain Weapon (Guns (Grenade Launcher))-17 2
Retain Weapon (Guns (Light Machine Gun))-17 2 Retain Weapon (Guns (Pistol))-17 2
Retain Weapon (Guns (Rifle))-17 2 Retain Weapon (Guns (Shotgun))-17 2
Retain Weapon (Guns (Submachine Gun))-17 2 Retain Weapon (Knife)-18 2
Retain Weapon (Saber)-17 2 Retain Weapon (Shield (Shield))-17 2
Retain Weapon (Shortsword)-17 2 Retain Weapon (Smallsword)-17 2
Retain Weapon (Spear)-17 2 Retain Weapon (Staff)-17 2
Retain Weapon (Tonfa)-17 2 Rope Up (Climbing)-15 1
Scaling (Climbing)-14 2 Set Trap (Explosives (Demolition))-11 2
Sweep (Spear)-14 2 Sweep (Staff)-14 2
Sweeping Kick (Judo)-13 2 Sweeping Kick (Karate)-13 2

Early Life

I was born on August 12th in the year 1990. I spent the first few years of my life living in Newton Falls, Ohio. Me and my family eventually moved to McDonald, Ohio which is still to this day what I consider my Hometown. In 1993 my brother was born and in 1995 my sister was born. That being said sometime during High School we moved to Niles, Ohio where I still went to McDonald High School as an open enrollment student. I graduated high school in 2009 and enrolled in Ohio State University later that year.

College Years

My major was Aerospace Engineering and I also was a part of the Air Force ROTC Program hoping to get a scholarship from the Air Force and become and officer. During college I tore my ACL. In 2011 though i was no longer enrolled at Ohio State or in ROTC cause I didn’t make the cut to continue on in ROTC and with that I didn’t have enough money to stay enrolled at Ohio State.

The Struggling Years

So I moved back in with my parents and started looking for a job. I eventually got a job working at McDonalds in the year 2011. I worked there from 2011 to 2013. During that time I got ACL surgery in preparation for trying to join the US Army.

The Army Years

In 2013 I joined the Army as a 14T. Later that year I went to my first Duty Station in Okinawa, Japan. After arriving in Okinawa my father was hit by a car while he was riding his bicycle. He later died from his injuries. In the year 2020 I met and married my wife Christina who was a journalist by trade. That was also the year when I had my first child Gregory who I named after my deceased father in remembrance of him. I ended up staying in the Army until the year 2021 and left at the rank of Sergeant.

The Sheriff’s Deputy Years

I then moved back to my hometown of McDonald, Ohio and went through the training required to become a Sheriff’s Deputy. By 2022 I was a Sheriff’s Deputy for Trumbull County, Ohio and had my second child June. By 2024 I was a member of the SWAT team and had my third child Laurence. That was also the year that it all went to heck. The election was postponded indefinitely and the President who was still in office declared himself President indefinitely and instituted martial law. In response Texas and a few other states seceded from the Union and formed the New Republic of Texas. My home state of Ohio wasn’t one of them. War had come to home soil again. That being said some people in the states that hadn’t seceded weren’t happy with martial law and isolated rebellions and resistance movements started springing up all over what was left of the once United States. In the early part of the year I stayed at my job but I was put into more and more situations that tried to make me compromise my morals and belief system. I stayed though thinking I could make things better from the inside. Eventually I was approached and offered a position in a new task force being created. Before agreeing I did some private investigations with the help of my wife into what exactly this task force was about. I eventually found out that it was essentially going to be some kind of secret police.

The War Years

Upon finding that out I quit the force and started my own resistance movement. By the year 2025 through many battles, ambushes, and raids I found out that the leader of the secret police was not actually from my world. I found out he was from someplace called reich-5 when one of my raids just happened to coincide with one of what i would eventually find out was an ISWAT raid. I was the only survivor from my team on this mission but i teamed up with the ISWAT team and finished the mission. When it was all said and done though I knew too much. We came to an agreement though if I joined ISWAT they would covertly help my timeline defeat the infiltrators. I convinced them to also recruit my wife and take my family and mother with us to Homeline.

The ISWAT Years

So in the year 2025(my timeline, 2026 Homeline) i had my fourth child Zelda and me and my wife both went to the Infinity Academy. In the year 2026 (my timeline, 2027 Homeline) I had offically started my duties in ISWAT.

Derek Christian Dunn

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